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go raiders!

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go raiders!

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5 months ago @ 10:17AM

Dalman Wins Individual Bowling League Title

Both Portland’s boys and girls competed individually for the CAAC championship tournament held at Royal Scott bowling alley on Saturday. 

Each team from the CAAC was allowed to bring six boys and girls to compete.

There was a six game total pins qualifying session.

The Portland girls team was successful in bringing three of their bowlers into the top 16 Jordyn Fyan, Kaylee Becker and Emma Armour- all seniors. Coach Joe Whitford said the girls all competed very well with the other three that didn’t make it being very close to the cut including freshman Jessie Whitford in 17th ,Aubrey Martin 21st and Sammy Krausz 28th.

Notable scores for the girls Kaylee Becker 257, 223 Jordyn Fyan 246, 200 Emma Armour 184 Jessie Whitford 197 Aubrey Martin 222 Sammy Krause 206.

When bracket play started, Portland had great expectations to continue through. Unfortunately the girls all finished in ninth place. "The important thing to remember is this tournament sets us up for regionals that gets us to states. I think were in a great position to get multiple girls bowling at the state championship this year," said Coach.

The Portland boys were successful in getting two of their bowlers in after the morning qualifications - Jack Dalman who qualified 1st and Luke Dalman who qualified 7th.  Jack Dalman was 135 pins ahead of the second place bowler averaging 231 over the 6 games. Evan Warner 21st came very close as well as Jarod Huhn 24th and Aiden Pung bowling in his first tournament qualified 35th.

When matchplay started, Jack Dalman came up against a very hot 16th qualifier knocking him out finishing in 9th. Luke Dalman however, battled through 4 tough matches to become the CAAC champion for the boys. This means out of the last five years, the Dalmans  have won this tournament twice. "I’m very proud of both of them and look forward to how well we’re going to do at states," said Coach.

Notable scores for the boys Jack Dalman 267,246,236,234, 223 Luke Dalman 234,218,205,212,202 Evan Warner 215 Jarod Huhn 202 Eden Pung 202 Bennett Russian 181

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